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      Business Consulting & Services

      US Company Startup
      Name, Logo, Business Card, Letterhead
      Black Book & Dry Seal Stamp
      Product & Market Research
      Business Plan - Financial & Personnel
      Documentation Organization
      English, Portuguese and Spanish Certified Translations
      Recommendation for Accountant and Law Firms
      Business Website Planning

      Business Management & Organization
      Document Notarization

Personal Consulting & Services

English, Portuguese and Spanish Certified Translations
Secretarial Services
Consulting for Home, School, Banking, Car, Documents
Guidance for "Living in America"
Document Notarization
Consulting for School and Personal Improvement
Information about Driver's License and Social Security Cards
Orientation about E-pass, Internet BroadBand, Home Security
Design and Implementation of Home Online Security Cameras
Personal Documents organization and Online Depository


      Investment Consulting
      Investments in New Business in USA
      Investments in Existent Business in USA
      Investments in US Real Estate

Documentation Consulting
Procurement for Law Firm for Immigration Services
Procurement for Car and Company Liability Insurance
Procurement for Import & Export Brokers



    GuideTrack is not a Law Firm, or Accountant Firm, or Financial Firm.
    If you need any of those services, please seek a competent professional in such area.
    We can provide indication of some known firms in the city, and encourage you to visit
    them for your own selection and contracting such services.

All our services can be hired upon a Services Agreement, protecting the
client and ourselves. The Agreement specifies date of start and conclusion
of the service, as well, the internal and external cost and payments.


407 888-8155